TsoHost Review

TsoHost Review

Tsohost was established in 2003 by the Paragon Internet Group.

Today they have more than 500,000 sites from their UK base.

Not at all like a few organizations that have arrived at this equivalent scale and sold out, Tsohost is to a great extent drove by a similar establishing group that is worked it since its initiation for very nearly 14 years.

Tsohost may not be one of the greatest or notable facilitating suppliers out there. Be that as it may, that consistent development and stable administration highlight an organization that realizes what it’s doing. This survey you’re perusing has been close to 12 months really taking shape.

In November 2018, we pursued their cloud facilitating design and have been intently checking execution insights like uptime and page load speeds from that point onward.

We will likely assemble a reasonable, impartial survey and let Tsohost’s information justify itself with real evidence dependent on the exhibition of our live test site. We should perceive how Tsohost has done in the course of the most recent couple of months.

Hosting Overview

Tsohost is one of only a handful not many web has situated in the UK, generally known for their modest shared and cloud facilitating plans that have all the basics, in addition to a couple of pleasant additional items.

Tsohost is situated in Maidenhead. It values basing all staff near its workers and has over 10 years’ involvement with the business.

Established in 2003, Tsohost is an individual from the Paragon Internet Group, the organization that likewise possesses Vidahost and Hostroute.

The Group has experienced various mergers in its history, and Tsohost now has in excess of 150,000 sites.

Pros & Cons

All facilitating organizations need to pick a couple of things to have some expertise in and do as well as can be expected. In any case, this leaves shortcomings.


  • One of a kind CMS-explicit plans – Very hardly any hosts have tweaked plans for CMSs like Joomla, Ghost, or PrestaShop.
  • Economical – Tsohost’s rates are serious with other minimal effort has for shared and cloud facilitating plans.
  • The wide scope of plans – There are some minimal effort intends to browse to begin with, and as your site develops you can climb to VPS or devoted facilitating plans.
  • Free SSL – Many different hosts charge for this.


  • Restricted present day facilitating highlights on less expensive plans – There’s no CDN accessible, SSD circle space, or progressed storing framework incorporated with any arrangement for additional speed.
  • Frail help documentation – The knowledgebase is hard to explore, and the articles themselves need clear advances and pictures or recordings to make guidelines understood.
  • Feeble help – Even on the costly committed facilitating plans, your help despite everything isn’t exactly day in and day out.


Site speed is significant, in any event, for the least difficult of individual destinations, and we utilize some concentrated tests to discover how a worker performs.

This procedure started by distributing a little static site on our web space.

We at that point set Uptime.com to check our site’s accessibility and worker reaction time at five-minute spans for 7 days (that is in excess of 2,000 checks altogether.)

Our site accomplished a 100% uptime throughout the week. (That is the thing that we’d expect for a momentary test, yet it doesn’t generally occur, so Tsohost merits a little credit.)

Tsohost’s worker dealt with a phenomenal normal reaction season of 167ms. This isn’t inconceivably unique to the greater part of the opposition – different has commonly normal 150-250ms – yet it conveys a little speed lift, and you could do a lot of more awful (the slowest has normal 600ms or more.)

Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Test is an on-request benchmark which checks worker reaction times from ten areas around the world, including North America, Europe, Singapore, Sydney, Japan and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

This kind of coincidental test can’t coordinate Uptime.com’s 2,000+ checks, yet it’s fascinating as a subsequent sentiment. What’s more, it ended up being an extremely positive second supposition, with Bitcatcha announcing that our facilitating was astoundingly snappy, and granting our site its most noteworthy A+ speed rating.

Server Response Time

Tsohost offers client assistance on every single significant channel. In the same way as other organizations today, they appreciate blended audits.

What we acknowledge however, is their brisk reaction times and straightforward correspondences on significant informal communities like Twitter.

We were likewise intrigued by their live visit choices. They associated promptly, were responsive and proficient just as demonstrated earnest enthusiasm for our necessities.

We associated on a Saturday which was a lovely preferred position Tsohost accompanies.

Tsohost additionally as of late expanded their telephone bolster hours a couple of months back, from 7 am to 12 PM GMT. That is both acceptable and terrible, as we’ll find in a second…

Hosting Plans

There’s an assortment of plans to browse, yet there are just little contrasts between them, making it somewhat confounding.

WordPress Hosting Prices

TsoHost WordPress Hosting Plans Page

Web Hosting Prices

TsoHost Web Hosting Plans Page

VPS Hosting Prices

TsoHost VPS Hosting Plans Page

The full rundown of 6 plans on offer is as per the following:

  • cPanel Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Affiliate Hosting
  • CMS Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Devoted Server Hosting

cPanel Shared Hosting

On Tsohost, “cPanel facilitating” is the equal to your standard shared facilitating plans on each other host. The plans are very modest, particularly on the off chance that you purchase for a more extended starting term.

These plans accompany a free space name, “boundless” data transfer capacity, and the capacity to make different letter boxes.

There are a couple of highlights that assist it with standing apart from the absolute minimum shared facilitating that you may discover somewhere else:

  • Free SSL endorsements through Let’s Encrypt
  • Free day by day site reinforcements
  • A predetermined number of free site relocations by their movement group.
  • Relocations and cPanel

Note that you can do your own relocations for nothing too through cPanel, it’s only all the more a problem than having their group do it for you.

The cPanel is a standard control board that numerous hosts accommodate shared facilitating. It has a single tick introduce contents for the most mainstream open-source programming like WordPress, Joomla, and then some.

Cloud Web Hosting

The subsequent stage up is cloud web facilitating. It offers everything that Tsohost’s cPanel facilitating plans do, in addition to additional. For reasons unknown, the costs are indistinguishable.

The most remarkable contrasts are:

  • Custom control board — you utilize Tsohost’s own control board, instead of cPanel.
  • Decision of a working framework — you can utilize Linux or Windows
  • Facilitated on cloud workers — your records are put away on various workers, lessening the odds of your site getting moderate or going down.

Contingent on how significant cPanel is to you, cloud web facilitating might be the better decision.

Affiliate Hosting

In the event that you ever need to begin your own facilitating organization later on, you could sell Tsohost’s administrations through your own image name utilizing their affiliate facilitating.

They deal with the client care and worker support, you extremely just need to choose the amount to charge and how to split the assets that accompany your affiliate facilitating bundle.

CMS (Content Management System) Specific Hosting

On Tsohost’s site, you’ll see various sorts of facilitating for various CMSs.

For the most part, these are more costly than the standard shared or cloud plans, in light of the fact that the workers and administrations are redone for that singular CMS.

Here’s a snappy summary of what makes each sticks out, I’ll accept that you’re now acquainted with the CMS since you are keen on it:

  • WordPress facilitating – Identical to cloud facilitating plans, just with WordPress as of now introduced.
  • Magento facilitating – Magento plans are largely completely overseen and accompanied numerous relocations. Your site records are facilitated on Tsohost’s fundamental UK datacenter.
  • Joomla facilitating – Multiple movements, however comparable highlights to the common facilitating plan (yet at the same time more costly).
  • PrestaShop facilitating – Multiple movements, however nothing else extraordinary.
  • Phantom facilitating – Only one arrangement accessible, where Ghost comes pre-introduced. No other uncommon highlights.

What is The Difference?

There isn’t a lot of distinction from Tsohost’s shared facilitating plans much of the time.

The greatest distinction is that the top level designs for Magento, Joomla, and PrestaShop are totally devoted facilitating. That implies your site gets its own worker, and that is the reason the plans are quite a lot more costly than the rest.

VPS Hosting

On the off chance that you weren’t looking extremely hard, you’ll miss that Tsohost even has VPS plans.

For reasons unknown, they are not situated under Tsohost’s “web facilitating” menu alternative, the plans are situated under “workers”.

On a VPS, you have your own area of a worker cut out for your website(s).

These plans are for the most part completely oversaw, which means Tsohost will deal with worker security and support for you.

Execution Breakdown

They accompany a couple of other execution benefits:

SSD circle space – Results in a quicker site than HDDs that please Tsohost’s shared facilitating plans.

Redis and progressed reserving techniques – These will accelerate your site further.

Decision of a working framework – Again, you can pick among Linux and Windows.

You get much more power over the worker, with SSH access, and capacity to utilize Git.

All plans likewise accompany a cPanel control board.

Committed Server Hosting

For the most noteworthy conceivable execution, there are committed facilitating plans accessible, additionally somewhat covered up under the “workers” menu alternative.

The plans all accompany indistinguishable highlights as the VPS plans, then again, actually you approach the full assets of the worker, and not only a section.

Committed versus VPS

Meanwhile, we should look at your accessible assets of a Windows DS1 Dedicated Server and a standard VPS plan on offer.

  • Normal VPS Plan Windows DS1
  • RAM 768 MB DDR4 16 GB DDR4
  • Storage 20 GB 2 x 300 GB
  • Bandwidth 400 GB 2000 GB
  • Essential Migrations 3 3
  • Uptime 99.9% 99.9%
  • Managed? Yes Yes


Tsohost’s help office is situated in Maidenhead in the UK nearby its principle datacenter. This is a positive as redistributed help can regularly be sketchy.

There are an information base, customer bolster discussions, and a blog, yet any close to home help demands must be made by means of the tagging framework/email.

Unconditional promise and Cancellatiion Policy

Hosting customers can take advantage of Tsohost’s 30-day money-back guarantee. This appears to apply to cloud hosting and shared hosting packages, although the wording in some parts of the site differs, we can certainly state that does not apply to servers.

Tsohost asks that customers who want to cancel make contact to explain their reasons before they do.

If you want to cancel after this time, you’ll need to give 48 hours’ notice before the next billing date, except on server plans where you expect to give 30 days’ notice. Refunds are issued for any months that have been paid for but not used.


If you’re looking for a web hosting company based in the UK, Tsohost really does have a lot going for it. Its commitment to quality is clear, and it doesn’t shy away from providing in-depth information about its products and services.

It clearly believes in the potential of cloud hosting, and its custom control panel looks attractive enough to make me interested in trying it out.


  • Does Tsohost offer Windows and Linux services?

Tsohost has a range of products available for customers, which includes Linux-based web hosting services, and Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting options.

  • Will the price go higher when I renew?

Customers have the benefit of consistent pricing in that there is only one price at renewal and when you initially sign up.

  • Is a free domain name included?

Their Pro and Ultimate shared web hosting plans come with a free domain.
Does Tsohost have a money-back guarantee?
The company offers customers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all their hosting products.

  • Do they offer phone support? What language is their customer support available in?

Tsohost offers live phone support from 9 am to midnight GMT. Their team only provides support in English.

  • Where is Tsohost located? Where are their datacenters located?

This company is based out of the United Kingdom, and is headquarted in the town of Berkshire, England. Their datacenters are also located in the UK.

  • What programming languages do they support?

Depending on whether you are working with a Linux based hosting plan, or a Windows based hosting plan, ther supported programming languages include ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, and Ruby on Rails.

  • Can they help with transferring an existing website to their servers?

Site migration services are included with their web hosting packages at no additional cost.

  • Will they allow more than one domain per account on their service?

The company’s shared web hosting plans allow either 2, 4, 6, or 100 sites to be hosted per account.

  • Does Tsohost include any software so that I can easily build a website?

With each of their hosting plans, they provide an easy template and wizard based site building tool.

  • What security products does Tsohost use?

Tsohost uses industry-standard measures such as DDoS protection, strong physical security, and around the clock monitoring.

  • What control panel do they use?

On their shared hosting plans, cPanel is the control panel that is available for customers.

  • What payment options does Tsohost offer?

Customers have a choice of payment options which include all major credit cards, checks, and PayPal.

  • Do they have an uptime guarantee?

The company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and they back this guarantee up with service credits.

  • Do they have CDN services available?

Tsohost does not directly provide Content Distribution Network service integrations, but their plans are fully compliant if customers wish to configure a third party CDN services.

  • Is there a minimum contract or can I pay monthly?

Customers have a choice of monthly, yearly, and multi-year contracts available to them, depending on their pricing and commitment interests.

  • Do they have a backup policy?

The company backs-up their servers daily and these are kept for 30 days. These backups are available for restoral upon request.

  • How many email addresses do they allow and how much storage do they allow for email?

Customers can choose from 10, 25, 100, or an unlimited amount of email accounts, depending on their choice of plan.

  • Do they support streaming audio and video?

Tsohost’s plans allow for streaming media, however these kinds of sites can be resource intensive.

It is recommended that customers interested in streaming media should seek Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server options for the best, reliable performance.

  • Does Tsohost have an affiliate program? How does it work?

Yes. Affiliates can easily share their unique affiliate link or promotional code with potential clients and when they visit the company’s site, their machines are cookied.

The cookie is retained for a period of three months and if that cookied system visits and buys anytime in that timeframe, the commission is payed to the affiliate’s credit in PayPal, bank transfer, or credits for service.

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