Network Solutions Review

Network Solutions Review

Network Solutions may be a hosting service that comes full of tons of awesome extras.

To begin with, it includes an internet site builder with all of its plans. You’re also ready to get a free domain for one year with almost any plan that they provide .

However, it lacks during a few areas (most notably security). While standard SSL protection is out there and included in several subscription tiers, some don’t have this necessary feature.

But can Network Solutions still win us over?

They shall determine through this Network Solutions review. Whenever they review a hosting service they put it through a slew of tests to match it with a number of its biggest and best competitors.

General Info & Hosting Overview

SUPPORT:Live Chat, Phone, Help Center
PRICING:Starting at $5.69/mo
APPS:WordPress, Website Builder, Joomla, Drupal, Php, Ruby, MySQL, etc.
OUR VERDICT:Not Recommended
FEATURES:Website Builder, Free Domain, Daily Backups
SPEED:1771 ms
HOSTING PLANS:Cloud and WordPress



1. Free Domain

Most hosting plans with Network Solutions accompany a free name.

While most domains cost under $20, it’s still a pleasant gesture by the service. A number of the opposite hosting services that they reviewed don’t offer you a free name and a few won’t allow you to purchase one in the least (like Cloudways).

When that happens, customers are more likely to gravitate toward a hosting provider like GoDaddy, which provides beat one place. It’s good to ascertain that Network Solutions wants to carry onto its customers by ensuring that all-in-one experience.

It should be noted that the free domain comes with most hosting plans. It’s not included with the Starter cloud hosting plan and is merely available once you purchase a cloud package with an annual term.

2. Includes Website Builder

While this is often indirectly associated with shared hosting, it’s worth noting that each one Network Solutions subscription levels accompany a free Network Solutions website builder.

This goes hand-in-hand with what we were just saying about providing an all-in-one experience. Using Network Solutions, you’re ready to acquire a website name, build the web site connected thereto, then host that website beat one place.

This is only included with the Cloud server, obviously. If you’re using WordPress hosting, you’re getting to build your site on the WordPress platform.

They’re not getting to go too in-depth on the web site builder’s features, but you’ll use it to make an eCommerce, small business or a blog website. It also comes with built-in templates and a library of stock images.

3. Live Chat Customer Service

Live chat customer support is usually an honest feature to possess .

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s offered by Network Solutions.

They went hands-on with their live chat service and were proud of what they encountered.

Before they could get to chatting, they had to enter a bunch of data. They wanted a reputation, telephone number, the department we wanted to talk with, and a website .

They asked about Windows-based servers and dedicated servers. Before the chat began, it offered several help articles which may answer the question.

Nina M., the customer support representative, quickly responded, and asked for a reputation despite us having entered it just a couple of minutes ago.

She answered one a part of our question, and that we had to restate the first piece of the question regarding Windows-based hosting.
She responded immediately, once more , and even provided a link to the services they were discussing.
They were fans of the efficiency displayed throughout this interaction, but they wanted tons of data. They had to enter a telephone number so as to talk with someone, and there was that weird moment once they asked for a full name.
However, it’s important to notice, that once they ried to contact their live chat once more, it had been offline, and only support ticket option via email was possible. So it seems that there’s no thanks to know when Network Solution’s chat option is out there and when not.

Overall, the primary interaction was still enough to merit a win for Network Solutions and their customer service department.


  • Complex interface.
  • Email setup works erratically.
  • Lots of upselling.
  • Customer service could use some improvement.
  • No Windows-based servers.
  • Lacks dedicated servers.

Network Solutions Web Hosting Plans 

Network Solutions offers variety of web hosting plans designed to appeal to a good array of users.

Network Solutions Web hosting Plans Page
Network Solutions WoedPress hosting Plans Page

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting appears to be Network Solutions’ primary web hosting offering. Prices begin at just $5.69 per month, and there are four options from which you’ll choose.

The best option for you depends on the amount of internet sites you would like hosting for, also because the total space required. The more premium options also accompany security suites and/or SSL certificates.
Application Support

Cloud Hosting plans support numerous apps and technologies, including WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL.

Other benefits included with the cloud hosting plans include 24/7 technical support and a 99.9% uptime. If your website grows, you’ll upgrade to realize additional needed resources.

WordPress Hosting

While the Cloud Hosting plans support WordPress, WordPress users might still prefer a specialized hosting plan.

Network Solutions offers three different options, each supporting a special number of internet sites and offering a special resource allocation. Those with annual contracts will receive a free name also.

Testing Methods

There are plenty of factors that enter website loading speed, many of which are outside the control of an internet host. However some factors are considerably on top of things of an internet host and people are the factors that they would like to research and compare between hosting providers.

The primary two factors are the servers processing power then the bandwidth (transfer rate) of the web site content. In testing I attempted to specialise in these two factors.

Since hosting providers will found out websites on various servers I needed to check the speed of variety of various websites, in order that they could get an honest pity how briskly their servers are on the entire. I attempted to check a minimum of 100 hundred sites for each hosting provider (a few do not have 100, see caveats below).

The other variable I wanted to account for is physical location of the testing computer, since an internet site hosted on the East Coast will take longer to load from a computer on the West Coast than a computer on the East Coast I wanted to check from a few a locations.

I also wanted to check websites that were regularly used, but not huge (like google) because most big websites have special technologies for website loading. To satisfy these requirements I tested only the speed of internet sites getting anywhere from 300-10,000 monthly visitors.

Customer Support Service

Network Solutions offers the support you would like once you need it at no extra cost from the company’s live support team — available 24/7 via phone, email, and chat. The corporate is among the last to implement live chat, but they found the choice helpful.

Your best bet are going to be to start out with the company’s ample online user guides and tutorials. the corporate includes an above-average 99.99% uptime guarantee and defaults customers to month-to-month hosting plans, but we’re skeptical about the shortage of any kind of refund policy.

Network Solutions Includes Live Support Team Available 24/7 via Phone, Email, and Chat. Extensive Knowledgebase and 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.
Does Not Include Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

No-risk scenarios are always best when making a sale .

If you spend money on a service then determine that it doesn’t truly meet your needs, you’re getting to need a answer .

That’s why Network Solutions offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of its plans. You’re ready to purchase the hosting, try it out for a month, and choose whether or not you would like to continue.

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