Midphase Review

Midphase Review

MidPhase is reasonable. Like, four bucks a month cheap. If life has taught us anything, it’s that something cheap often isn’t good.

They mean, MidPhase must have terrible uptime or spotty customer services like Web Hosting Pad or HostMetro. Right?

Four dollars doesn’t even cover a cup of coffee lately . How on Earth does it cover the insanely high costs to get and run hosting servers. To not mention rent and employees for his or her HQ within the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.

But MidPhase isn’t a fly-by-night operation. They’ve been around since ’98, have teams within the UK, Ukraine, and India. Since then, they’ve merged with the UK2 Group in ’07 (who also owns WestHost).

Point is: This isn’t their first rodeo.

They found out a basic WordPress website in June of 2015 on the MidPhase ‘Personal Web Hosting Plan’ to research their performance, and see if great things really can are available cheap packages.

You can inspect the performance stats, like uptime & speed, for yourself by clicking on ‘History’ to travel deeper.

Pros & Cons


There are some advantages to working with MidPhase. These are included below:

Unlimited disc space

You are given a vast amount of web space. this will be very useful if you would like to put large files within your website. Images and videos are often placed without hesitation. You don’t need to get a costlier plan just to urge extra web space. Every space you would like is out there .

Free Domain

If you decide for the annual plan, you get a free domain. this protects your wallet a couple of bucks. Pretty handy if you’re just starting out and don’t have a website name yet. Domain extensions are limited to .com, .org, .net, .us, .biz, and .org. If you’re thinking of another extension, then you’ll simply catch on from another provider.


Four dollar hosting can’t be all perfect. There are a couple of drawbacks to think about if you value other hosting features besides saving the foremost .

1. Slow Average Speed

MidPhase’s uptime is great. Their customer support is attentive.

Unfortunately, an equivalent can’t be said for the page loading times and speed. Our last 24-month analysis showed a mean speed of 1,135ms.

Not terrible, not great either.

But cheap! And almost the quickest for that price range.

If speed may be a top priority (which it should be for commercial sites because it affects usability, conversions, and search rankings), you would possibly want to weigh the prices vs. benefits at now .

2. Unclear Money-Back Guarantee

Many web hosts will offer a typical 30-day money-back guarantee. Some even go thus far on stretch this era to 90 (or 97!) days to form sure that you’re happily satisfied with their service before getting you to commit.

They DID find mentions of a 30-day money-back guarantee for his or her WordPress and shared hosting plan options. Note that, they didn’t find an equivalent guarantees for several of their other services.

There also are plenty of help desk responses (like this one), confirming that some quite 30-day refund exists.

They recommend reading their terms for more details, but that’s a part of the problem: there isn’t an entire lot of data there, either.

So they expect you ought to be good at 30 days.

Something to think about and possibly ask about if you’re trying to require advantage of that low, long-term rate.

3. Security? Anyone, Anyone? Bueller?

Many web hosts will provide an extended list of security apps available with a couple of simple clicks to lock down your site and keep things secure from nefarious attempts. Some will even go above and beyond, performing preventative maintenance services to form sure you’re A-OK.

They couldn’t find an equivalent support options with MidPhase. Another possibility to think about or inquire about when signing up.

4.High Renewal Pricing (Across All Products)

MidPhase’s $3.95/month sticker price for his or her Web Hosting Personal package looks pretty good on the surface.

However, if you’ve been within the game as long as they’ve , you’ll know that advertised pricing usually comes with a couple of ‘gotchas’ which will come to haunt you if you’re not careful.

Sadly, MidPhase is not any different during this case.

The biggest catch, during this case, is that the high renewal cost when your first plan expires. Your price will basically double across the board, regardless of which plans you select .

The Web Hosting Personal one, for instance , goes from $3.95/month up to $6.95/month. The Professional plan goes from $4.95/month to $8.95/month, while the Business one also increases from $5.95/month to $10.95/month.

Midphase Hosting Plans

Midphase offers many options when it involves hosting plans.

There are the company’s shared hosting plans, with more premium offerings classified under the Midphase Pro category.

Midphase Shared Hosting Plans Page
Midphase WordPress Hosting Plans Page
Midphase VPS Hosting Plans Page

Shared Hosting Plans

Options for Linux-based shared hosting packages with Midphase are kept simple with just two plans on offer.

Linux-Based Plans

Customers can check in for a month, 1, 2 and 3-year terms; the longer the term, the lower the worth . Each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and disc space .

  • The private plan allows for one website with ten sub-domains and 1 MySQL database.
  • The Business plan removes the limit on websites, MySQL databases, and sub-domains and also comes with an SSL certificate and a fanatical IP address.

Windows-Based Plans

Windows-based shared hosting is out there during a choice of three plans.

Each plan comes with unlimited disc space and bandwidth.

Customers can choose the term of their contract from monthly up to 3-yearly.

  • The Starter plan only allows for one website, dub-domain and MySQL database.
  • The Unlimited plan lifts the bounds on sites, sub-domains, and MySQL databases.
  • The Business plan also comes with a fanatical SSL certificate and a fanatical IP address.

Reseller Options

Linux-based reseller hosting through Midphase is obtainable on a 5-point wage scale .

This starts with a basic plan and scales up to Plus, Pro, Max and Alpha reseller plans.

Again, customers can vary the term of their contract from 1 month to three years.

All plans accompany a brandable instrument panel , billing software, 10 SSL certificates and a fanatical IP address.

The plans start with up to 50 GB of disc space and 500 GB bandwidth which may be scaled up to 250 GB of disc space and a couple of .5 TB bandwidth.

Midphase Customer Support

MidPhase does have 24/7 customer support. They are doing have locally based customer support, unlike other companies like 1and1. There are variety of various ways you’ll get in touch with them. You’ll contact them through the phonephone , live chat, and support ticket. Whenever I contacted MidPhase through live chat it did take about 3 minutes to attach with an agent.

It did take about 2-3 minutes between responses to urge the answers to my questions, though. Support tickets generally take 5-12 hours to urge a reply. The responses from customer support are of excellent quality, though. Meaning they don’t just offer you some generic response.

Overall, from the research I even have done on MidPhase, there are a few complaints on their customer support. I might wish to see faster response times to measure chat and support tickets like MDDHosting, but they’re not horrible. Therefore, i’m rating their customer support 3.5 out of 5.

Server Response time

Fast website response and cargo times are vital – and sadly, this is often where Midphase remains not amazing. For a service that’s very reliable, good response times would complete the package. Sadly, the truth is different – response times are only average.

About Money-Back Guarantee

All of the Midphase shared hosting plans accompany a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is comparatively standard for shared hosting plans.

The refund doesn’t include name registration fees and other additional services that are purchased.

How to Get a Refund from Midphase

Customers got to complete a web form so as to cancel their account and must give a minimum of 14 days notice before the top of their term to cancel before the account is renewed.

Midphase also retains the proper to cancel a customer’s account within 72 hours when a customer has been exceptionally rude or vulgar to support staff.

Midphase Performance

I do like how MidPhase does offer SSD Hosting. However, it’s not standard on their dedicated plans. Instead, you’ve got to pay extra for it which makes it costlier than another host. Their VPS plans are all SSD which may be a pro in my book. However, i’m unsure about shared hosting? I don’t know if they are available with SSD or not?

From the research, I even have done it doesn’t appear as if MidPhase features a ton of complaints about their performance. Instead, they are doing seem to be pretty good. Since they don’t offer SSD on dedicated plans i’m getting to need to give them a small tick and rate performance 3 out of 5.

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